KaMMCO Health Solutions, Inc. partners with a number of vendors who are recognized as innovative performers in their industry to offer clients a top-shelf suite of technology capabilities.

Ranked #2 by KLAS
  • Provides the HIE infrastructure through proprietary interfaces with EHR vendors -- see ICA Interoperability Platform Document

  • The data from each facility is maintained in data vaults that are unique to each member.
  • Secure Patient to Provider Direct messaging  -- see CareAlign Connect Product Document
  • The HIE technology provides real-time access to a longitudinal record for each patient that is available through a web-based portal or embedded into the EHR.

  • Transport of the public health measures to state registries, including syndromic surveillance, electronic lab reporting, immunization registry and the cancer registry.
  • Provides a personal health record (PHR) that crosses all providers.

  • As data is sent to the exchange, if the patient is authenticated by the healthcare provider, the summary of their visit is automatically sent to the patient with an alert in their email.

  • The PHR allows the patient to securely email a healthcare provider or care coordinator.

  • Health education using Healthwise is provided at a sixth grade level in both English and Spanish.

eHealth Exchange
  • Connection to other data sharing networks including Veterans Administration, KHIN, and others.

Care Navigator™

  • Manages the communication between the physician and the care coordinators who are working directly with the patients.

Dimensional Insights
Best in KLAS 2015/2016

  • Utilizing the Diver Platform™ to afford end users the ability to access web-based data dashboards to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Diameter Health

  • Deconstructs, or parses, the information from the CCD into discrete data fields.

  • Archives the entire xml document with 6-8 index values in a database so a CCD can be reprocessed in the future.
  • NCQA Certified eCQM Quality Measures


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